Stelth Bomber

I just discovered this very talented MC today. You need to click on both of these links to hear some amazing hip hop. I think this is some of the best music I have heard coming up from the underground in a long time.

This link features a banging song about the troops serving overseas in Iraq.

This is his myspace page that has four other songs for you to check out. Please do, I don’t think you will be disappointed if you are a true fan of quality underground hip hop. It reminds me of the early 90s and his tagline mentions the Native Tongues, so you know he is representing real hip hop.

3 responses to “Stelth Bomber”

  1. I just found out that he is rhyming over J-Dilla beats. That is one amazing producer. I never really got into his stuff when he was living. I shouldn’t have slept on him. J-Dilla, rest in Peace.

    I still think Stelth Bomber has talent but I think that it is easy enough to get original beats these days. There is nothing wrong with doing freestyles or cyphers over other people’s beats but if you are going to put up original songs on the net, I think you should have original beats too.

  2. 1 luv fam!! J-Dilla (RIP), 9th Wonder, Nicolay & Pete Rock to be exact. Four of the greatest producers in the underground circuit to date. what makes a beat original? Is it one that has never been heard, one that was made by a unknown producer or one that has already been worked on? Stelth Bomber is a Artist, no more, no less and a track whether it be Dr. Dre or John Doe is his canvas. The only thing that should be taking into consideration as far as originality is concerned, is the picture painted.

  3. I don’t think people would think about rock music the same way. I think we have tonnes of beats out there that have never been heard. I think if an artist is going to put out an original song than they should back it up with an original beat too.

    It is fairly easy to get into production these days. If you can’t get a beat or buy an original beat, then you can start to produce yourself. That is what I have done in the past.

    In other genres of music, artists don’t write an original song to a popular instrumental track. Can you see someone taking a Beatles song and making up their own lyrics and singing over that with the justification that it is just a canvas. I don’t think that would ever fly.

    I think rapping over someone’s beats that are well known is lazy. I think it might be a good way to start out and to learn but if you are serious about hip hop, you need to get original beats and lyrics. That’s my word.