Started Script Frenzy Furiously

Script Frenzy has begun.

I started writing my original screenplay today for this month-long challenge.

I will be posting daily page counts on my Twitter account but I thought I’d fill you in on my first day’s progress here.

I started off with a vague idea of my story. I told you about it here last week. However, I didn’t really know who the characters would be.

I wasn’t worried about it though since I don’t outline any of my work. I just like to jump in and discover the story as I write it. I am what some writers call a pantser since people think this style of writing is merely flying by the seat of your pants. Maybe, it is. But it works for me and it keeps the process of writing enjoyable since I often don’t know how the story will turn out.

So today I just started writing. The main character came to life and he was a complicated one. The first six pages of the screenplay established who he was and I thought it was setting the tone just fine.

After I walked away from the computer, I realized that this story wasn’t the one that I wanted to tell. So I changed the age and occupation of the main character and began again. I wrote six new pages and I think this story can now unfold a lot easier.

For me to meet this challenge of 100 pages in 30 days, I would have to write at least 3 pages each day. However, I know there are days where I will simply not be able to write. That’s why, I plan on getting ahead of that goal fairly early on in the process.

I hope to write 6 more pages tomorrow and then I will be able to take Saturday and Sunday off to spend quality time with my family this Easter weekend.

I think this is going to be fun. I hope to share the completed story with all of you when it is done.


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8 responses to “Started Script Frenzy Furiously”

  1. Hi Chase .. it will be really interesting to hear how you go, and 'see' your progress, and then find out how it all turns out ..

    Good for you – and well done for starting so positively .. it'll be fun and such a worth while project – a learning process .. with a story to tell – your own, and the process for others ..

    Enjoy your Easter weekend .. and have fun with the whole thing and your main character .. go well – Hilary

  2. Ooh exciting. It's good to have a challenge and push yourself. It'll be worth it in the long run. Have fun with it.

  3. Way to go Chase! That's smart to get more done as early as possible. At the end of nanowrimo I was rushing to finish 15 pages on the last day. ๐Ÿ˜› Good times. Have fun with it!

  4. Hi Alexis,

    How did the novel turn out? Will we get to read it one day? I certainly would like to.

    I still remember the story you were writing on your old blog. I really liked your voice and would love to read a complete story by you.

    I hope you have a great birthday and Easter weekend! Thanks for stopping by my blog today ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi Jacqui,

    Thanks for the support. This is pretty cool. Now that I know so many people know about this challenge I think I will be more motivated to complete it in time. I'm having fun with it though and I think it'll be a good story.

  6. Eh… I'm still working on it. xD I'm so terrible at staying with stories and I really ought to work on it more. But I sorta feel like because NaNoWriMo was so frantic and rushed, there are a lot of major things in it that I want to fix before I continue. I don't know. Maybe I'll make that my next project.

  7. Hi Alexis,

    You really should get back to it one day. I'd like to read it.

    I think it might help to have a writing partner. someone to help you stick to a story. I'd like to try writing with you. Maybe your next project should be a collaborative one with me ๐Ÿ™‚