Start Living a More Courageous Life Today

There are several types of courage; physical, moral, psychological, and everyday courage.

It is important for us “to start living a more courageous life now” in all of those areas because “the more actions we take facing fear, expressing ourselves, and helping others, the easier and less stressful these actions become.”

That’s because, “The more we do something successfully, the more comfortable we become with it.”

So let’s break down what those different types of courage look like.

Physical courage – when you put yourself in harm’s way to meet a notable goal.

Moral courage – speaking up for others or enduring hardship for what you believe is right. . . it shows in selfless acts that protect values or advances principles to benefit the common good.

Psychological courage – the act of facing or overcoming your own anxieties, insecurities, and mental fears to (a) assert your authentic self instead of conforming—showing the world who you really are even if someone might not like it—or (b) experience personal growth even if it’s only a private victory.

Everyday courage – could mean keeping a positive attitude or taking action despite great uncertainty, bad health, or hardship.

“While none of these types of courage are definitive or mutually exclusive, the terms are useful in conceptualizing courage. . . The important thing is that you define what being more courageous means to you, and start living that way.”

In his book, High Performance Habits, Brendon Burchard defines courage “as taking determined action to serve an authentic, noble, or life-enhancing goal, in the face of risk, fear, adversity, or opposition.”

To further illustrate whether something is courageous, look to see if these three things are present; “risk, fear, and a good reason to act.”

And just like laughing, smiling, yawning, panic, or cowardice, courage is contagious. “If your kids see you fearful of life, they’ll feel it. And it’s the same for your team and whomever else you lead or serve. Demonstrating more courage is a gateway for our society to develop greater virtue.”

So, let’s all start living a more courageous life today.

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