Stargirl’s Comics Origin (Stars And S.T.R.I.P.E.)

Stargirl is my all-time favourite superhero television show. Season One last year was absolutely incredible and if you haven’t seen it yet. I highly recommend brushing up on it before the second season arrives. You won’t be disappointed.

I wanted to check out the origin of the hero in the comics and believe it or not, she doesn’t have her own self-titled series. She was part of the Justice Society of America and is in several Justice League of America books as well, but her origin story comes in a limited series that was first published in 1999.

Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. started with issue 0 and finished with issue 14. I binge-read all fifteen issues and I have to say that I prefer television’s take on the character more than I do this series. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the books; I did. I just prefer the small tweaks that were made for the small screen.

First off, the cosmic staff doesn’t really play a role in the book. Instead, Courtney discovers a belt that gives her powers. The staff looked great on television and was more than just a weapon or manifestation of her power; it was like a character. That was a nice touch.

Courtney starts out this book a little differently that the television series as well. She’s not as likeable at the start, but she grows on you as the series continues. Overall, it was a fun read and a nice companion piece to have for the show. It would have definitely read more, but the ending is great.

Now to see if I really want to tackle reading her JSA and JLA appearances (there are a lot.) Up next for me though, is the next run of Green Lantern. Binge-reding comics is fun.

My 2021 Reading Log – coming soon!