Star Trek Scrabble Win

Star Trek Scrabble

Star Trek Scrabble is a really cool variant of my all-time favourite board game.

I bought this for my dad a few years back. We’d always enjoyed Scrabble and are huge Star Trek fans, so it was only logical for us to play this. See what I did there?

One of the coolest things about this version of Scrabble is that, not only can you use Star Trek terms and proper names from the Original series, but you can get bonus points for doing so.

In all of the games we have played, I have never been able to spell a “Star Trek” word. That was why I was so excited to have this word on my rack.

Waiting on Spock

I held onto that word for about 5 turns. I was determined to play it and score the 20 bonus points.

But alas, the board wouldn’t cooperate with me and there was simply nowhere to play “Spock.”

I know that my dad would have gotten a kick out of just the possibility of playing that word.

86 Point Scrabble Word

I did manage to score 86 points with a single word, however.

It’s a word that I had never spelled before in a game of Scrabble either. And even better than that, it fell across 2 double word scores. And to top that, it used 7 tiles so I got a 50 point bonus.

“MATINEE” was an 86 point word.

That was awesome!

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