St. Julien Skatepark – London, Ontario

Skateboard season is back!

St Juilien Skatepark

Let’s go to 15 St Julien Street in London, Ontario, Canada and explore the skatepark that’s there.

St Julien skatepark

I’m not sure why this park doesn’t have an official name or any signage . Everyone just calls it St. Julien Skatepark or St. Julien’s.


It has some pretty cool obstacles and enough room to just zoom around.

launch ramp

Here’s a mini-launch ramp.

quarter pipe twins

These twin quarter-pipes are nice!


I like that this park is clean (not a lot of graffiti) and the skate surface is really smooth.

block and rail

I hope you enjoyed this visual skatepark tour and that I will see you out at one of these parks this summer!

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