Springbank Park – Terry Fox Parkway

Springbank Park is absolutely gorgeous. It is located along the bank of the Thames River in London, Ontario. There are landscaped gardens, playgrounds, a small theme park, and over 30 kilometres of trails.

A lot of weddings are held at the Civic Garden Complex. In fact, one was taking place just as I started my run this weekend. I hope you enjoy this visual tour of my route.

I started my run right here, ran across the bridge and down the hill towards the riverside trail.

 I don’t normally like running on cement. I much prefer dirt trails but I can appreciate how accessible this park is. It’s easy for people to push strollers, walkers, or wheelchairs along. You can often see people rollerblading or biking as well.

The trail looks like a road but it helps to keep people to the right so bicycle riders can zoom by the hikers with ease.

This section of the trail is dedicated to Terry Fox.

This park has an amazing view. I so love running here.

It was a little chilly and overcast this weekend but it was a nice day for a run. It always is.

This is Springbank Gardens, an outdoor venue perfect for weddings or other celebrations. It has a covered dining area, a stage, a huge dance floor, and spectacular views.

The trail continues across this bridge. If you look to the right you will see a viewing platform that I circled around on my way back down the trail.

This is one of several leash-free dog parks that are sprinkled around the city. They always seem to be quite busy.

Signs of autumn are all around. The leaves are changing colour and falling from the trees already. It still felt like summer for the most part last week too.

I’ve now circled my way around the small trail and have come to that viewing platform I mentioned earlier.

It is dedicated to Tim Dupee.

I thought I’d have to run the exact same trails on my way back but I found this nice off-shoot trail.

I so love running through nature. I much prefer dirt trails to concrete ones. The best part was that this small trail led directly back to the Civic Garden Complex where I parked the car and started this run.

All in all, I only ran 5 kilometres of this 30 kilometre trail. At that rate, I could come back here 5 more times and present you with different imagery each time. I just may do that. Until then, you can enjoy my other visual running tours.