Spiritual Graffiti by MC Yogi

Spiritual Graffiti by MC Yogi

MC Yogi had a yoga teacher by the name of Larry Schultz who would often sidestep any questions he was asked him.

Larry would say, “Live in the question, Don’t be satisfied with quick answers. Questions lead us on a quest . . . Seek your own answers and not just what other people tell you. Become the authority of your life.”

At first, he was annoyed by this response. But he soon “started to realize the power of that teaching.” Larry was training him to trust in himself and find his own voice.

“This teaching would serve to guide me throughout my entire life, and help me to become a better artist, musician, and teacher.”

The best teachers help us to reach inward and discover things on our own. They guide us in ways that help us discover our own truth.

I was hoping this book would teach me a few more things, but this was my main takeaway. I was kind of disappointed with it, overall. He spent very little time talking about music and instead talked about his life up to that point. Near the end, he rushed through that story with reckless abandon, which is kind of funny seeing how many mistakes and accidents he went through to get there.

He tells a story of getting busted for graffiti that is kind of humorous. I know that writers are proud of their tagging name but there is a reason most people don’t announce it by wearing a baseball cap with it, especially not during a time when the city has started cracking down on it. And definitely don’t do it after painting a mural using red spray paint. You guessed it. He got caught red-handed.

The book is a pretty straight-forward memoir. MC Yogi takes a long time to get to the moment where he became the artist we know. He goes through a lot of bumps and crashes along the way and we’re on the road with him, not literally, thankfully.

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