Spinning Back with DJ Realistic

DJ Realistic is someone that I have looked up to for a really long time. You might remember him from the radio show he launched with Eklipz on 93.3 CFMU out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Live N Direct was required listening every week. Teh show still continues to this day, although with a new host and DJ.

Last night, we aired a mixset that Realistic did for that show back in 1996. And we had an in-depth and exclusive iinterview with him.

Then I spun some brand new tunes to close out the show. As always I had a blast bringing the program to you. If you missed the show on your radio last night, you can stream or download it now for free now. Or if you want to just want hear it again. Press play and enjoy.

Part 1 – DJ Realistic Mixset

Originally broadcast live on 93.3 CFMU for a July 1996 edition of Live-N-Direct.

The Roots – Distortion (Remix)
Mobb Deep – Still Shining
Gangstarr – Speak Ya Clout
Outkast – Elevators
Ranjahs – Daily Basis
Heather B – Takin’ Mine
Money Boss Playas – Games

Part 2 – DJ Realistic Interview

Alkaholiks – Hip-Hop Drunkies (Realistic Remix)

Part 3 – DJ Realistic Mixset continued

Cappadonna & U-God – If It’s Alright
Organized Konfusion – Bring It On
Artifacts – Art of Facts
AZ – Uncut Raw
Cella Dwellas – Advance to Boardwalk
Xzibit – Paparazzi
De La Soul – Stakes is High

Part 4 –  Chase March Mixset

The Rhyme Animal ft DJ Grouch – Deadly Disease (Remix)
Floppy Phil & Hull Kogan – The Illness 2020
Moka Only – Handclap Shadack
Large Professor & PMD – Like This (MiLKCRATE Remix)
Strange Breed – This World (Axel Rosa Production)
ATN Prime & Millroc – But Still I…
Slik Jack – Movin’ In
Daxflow – I’m Tired
Argot Stereo ft Dejota Rena – Portal Interior
Black Stax – In The Beginning
Enemy Radio – Man Listen
Unlearn – Hate Me
SpitSickBeats ft Ultra Magnus – Porch Monkey
Fortunato & Royce Birth – On
Elaquent ft Saturn and Alexander – Annoyed
Casual – 20 Layer Player
Royal-T, Daze, and Big Bear – Phenomenon (DJ Matto Remix)
Gilateen & Frank Grizzly – Sickones
Wordburglar – Yobosayo
Joyner Lucas ft Will Smith – Will (Remix)
DJ Rob Swift & The Real DMT – Mood
Emotionz ft Danni & Lizzi – The Essence
Toolshed – Texas Rangers
Jamo Gang – Belushi & Aykroyd
SepTo ft Brotha J – Sunshine
Kennedy Krills ft Daniel Son & Sleep Sinatra – Igor
Spoda ft Eddie Kaine – It’s Quiet
Mega Ran ft Toure Masters – AA

Original air date – Thursday May 21, 2020

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