Spider-Verse – The Ultimate Spider-Man Battle



The Inheritors are an evil family that prey on the essence of Spider-totems. It turns out that there are hundred of Spider-powered super-heroes in different dimensions and realities.

Everyone knows the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker. We also know Miles Morales who took up the mantle when he died. And of course, The Superior Spider-Man who is really Doc Ock trapped inside Peter’s body.

Fortunately for everyone involved, The Superior Spider-Man was drawn into this conflict. They really needed his perspective and leadership to have a fair chance against such a dire threat.

All of the Spider-Men, Spider-Women, and spider-powered animals come together to fight this ultimate battle.

Apparently, the story covers every Spider-Man character that has ever appeared in any media. It was hilarious to see the 1960s animated version of the character make an appearance and really cool to see dozens of the heroes fighting side by side,.

This hardcover edition collects Amazing Spider-Man 7-15, Superior Spider-Man 32-33, Spider-Verse 1-2, Spider-Verse Team-Up 1-3, Scarlet Spiders 1-3, Spider-Woman 1-4, and Spider-Man 2099 6-8.

That is not the complete story, however.

Edge of Spider-Verse

Edge of Spider-Verse

This trade paperback collects five issues of the limited run series. Each story focuses on one of the alternate reality Spider-totems. The highlight of this collection is the one-off Spider-Gwen story.



Spider-Gwen turned out to be a fan favourite in the Spider-Verse. The public pretty much demanded this series.

In the original story, Peter Parker is surprised to see that Gwen Stacy is still alive in an alternate universe. She died tragically in the original comic years and years ago. As such Peter is very reluctant to put her in danger again.

In her universe, Peter Parker tried to follow her lead and be a hero even though he was never endowed with super-powers. He ended up dying tragically and it has haunted her since she began her quest as a super-hero.

Gwen is a regular teenager in this story and is a drummer for an all girl band. But she is targeted by a few different bad guys and her family gets caught in between.

It was a great read and one that I wish would have continued. Unfortunately, her solo title only spanned five issues.

it was interesting seeing all the different Spider-powered super-heroes. Some were male, some were female, a few were animals, and one was a cartoon.

This was a pretty good event. You can get the main story from the run in Amazing Spider-Man but the companion books really help draw it out and tie up some loose ends.

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