Spectacular Sopranos

I have to admit that I never watched The Sopranos during its original run on television. I had heard all the hype over it but I just never got the chance to watch any episodes. That was until recently. I found that you could actually borrow entire seasons of the show from the public library. So I thought that I would give it a chance. I’m glad that I did. (Spoiler Alert)

I’ve watched the first three seasons so far. I am impressed with what I’ve seen and want to see more. I like how each season tells its own story. The first season ended perfectly with the Soprano family having dinner together. It showed how this family is just like any other family, even if the head of the family also happens to be the boss of the mob.

Tony Soprano might not be someone who I’d like to be friends with in real life but he is an interesting character. I want to see what he is up to each and every episode.

The opening episode of Season 3 was spectacular. The story was very well done and the acting was impeccable, as always. But the editing and the mixing of the music for the soundtrack blew all of that away. The feds were trying to plant a listening device into the Soprano household. They tracked everyone in the house and waited for them to leave the premises. Timing was everything for this to work. As such, “Peter Gunn” played in the background. That familiar song was then mixed into ‘Every Step You Take” by the Police.

It’s not often that a scene in television stops me in my tracks but I was in awe of this one. Too bad I couldn’t find a clip of it on YouTube to share with you. I did find the song but it doesn’t have the same magic without the drama of the visuals and the storytelling. You really need to find and watch the series to get the whole awe-inspiring sequence.

Nonetheless, here is the song mixed quite nicely.

I’ve just started watching Season 4 and am hooked. I look forward to catching all the episodes of each season. Who ever thought of bringing TV shows out on DVD needs a raise, or at least a cut of the action. Anyway, that person deserves my thanks. So here it is – Thanks!