Spam – What is it Good For?

I keep an outdated email address that I use whenever I need to sign up for anything on the Internet. I personally don’t use that email account for sending or receiving messages. I only use it to confirm my address for certain websites that require such a thing.

I have posted my email on my website and this blog because I want people who are interested in my writing to be able to get a hold of me. So far, I haven’t had any problems with doing so. But today, I started receiving spam at this address.

I don’t know what use unsolicited email advertisements actually serve. I normally delete messages where I do not recognize the sender. I have opened emails before thinking that ads can’t really do any harm, but I was wrong. I have gotten viruses and messed up my computer a few times due to an email. Now I am very cautious about opening anything suspicious.

I wonder if anyone enjoys reading spam. Do people open up links out of curiosity? I know that some people don’t like getting junk mail at home, while others enjoy reading flyers and looking for deals. I haven’t really seen people that do the same thing online.

I just hope that these two unsolicited emails won’t lead to an avalanche of more spam. I really don’t like the waste of time it incurs. I hope it doesn’t cause any damage or fill up my inbox. I just hate spam! Doesn’t everyone?