Small but Significant

Who am I?
The guy no one pays attention to
the guy who doesn’t fit into
the stereotypical image, you know,
the one you’re used to seeing

Who are you?
Everyone else
family, friends, colleagues, nameless others
who meander in and out,
on their own agendas

I can feel indifferent and unconnected in that difference
until I take a moment and try to understand
or less even, a moment to notice something
an agenda that seems in concert

It’s in that moment that I can hear
the symphony of life.
Not all of us have glorious parts to play,
solos, and whatnot
but even rests make up the score
it’s not always what’s there
but what comes before
is sometimes more telling
than all the yelling, ranting, and raving

So maybe, I should resign to my bit part
knowing that without the soft constant rhythm
something would be missing,
the song would be incomplete.