Skateboarding in Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity Skateboard Park is located 199 King St. S. in Blenheim.

It is a small, concrete skatepark located across from a public school and directly beside a community centre and arena.

I like to write profiles of every skatepark that I come across, so when I found this park in the fall, I started taking pictures of all of the obstacles. As I was doing so, a class of students walked by. They were being led by a teacher and must have been on some sort of field trip. One of them commented that it was weird for some random guy to be taking pictures of the skatepark.

I felt like I had to prove my right to be there at that point. So,I put the camera down, picked up my skateboard, and started to try out the park. That student looked at me, to his buddy, and then back again. “Wow, that was surprising,” he said.

It’s not a bad park, but it doesn’t have the greatest flow.

Some of the obstacle are a little tall or steep for my liking.

However, it is nice to see a skatepark in a small community like this.

It is centrally located too.

Hopefully, a few of the school kid make regular use of it.

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