Sick Days

I tried to get ready for work yesterday but I felt absolutely horrible. I couldn’t eat anything. I just knew that I needed to take the day off.

I called a supply teacher in for my class. I popped a DVD in and covered myself up on the couch. I drank orange juice but couldn’t bring myself to eat anything.

I went back to bed after the movie and slept for three hours. That is quite unusual for me.

I still couldn’t eat anything after my nap. I watched some more TV and then decided to call the school. The secretary answered the phone and asked how I was doing. I told her that I felt terrible. She asked me if I wanted to see if the supply teacher could come in for me tomorrow too. I said that I would really appreciate that. She told me, “You’re always here. You haven’t had any sick days. You deserve it. Take care of yourself.”

She was right. I haven’t taken a sick day in years. Most companies allow their employees a certain number of paid sick days every year. I know of quite a few people who take advantage of this policy and manage to use their allotted sick days every year. I, however, cannot do this.

I try to lead by example. Teachers need to be in their classes and show a commitment to their job and their students. I am there every day doing my best. This is a little lesson that I hope my students pick up on.

4 responses to “Sick Days”

  1. Thanks Silverfish,

    I’m glad I took those two days off. I sure needed them. I slept a lot. I’m feeling a bit better today and hopefully will be back at 100% when school starts up again next week.

  2. hey chase, i hope you feel better soon. you did the right thing by going back to bed and sleeping. not one sick day in years? let me get a headache and i think i’m dying.

    drink OJ, watch tv, rest and sleep. doctor’s orders or at least all i want to do.

  3. Hi Natural,

    Thanks for the well wishes. I have been doing exactly as you prescribed. I’ve been napping, going to bed early, drinking lots of OJ and spending a lot of quality time with my couch and TV. It really is the best way to get over something.