Sensational on Word is Bond Rap Radio

Sensational has been dropping music since the early 1990s. You might have heard him on some iconic Jungle Brothers tracks. Well, he calls into the show this week and we talk about that, his new album with Canadian producer The Dirty Sample, and much, much, more! 

It’s time for another sensational episode of Word is Bond Rap Radio!

See what I did there? 

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Chase March & Wizekrak – Word is Bond
Switch – Things I’ve Seen
Joey Aich – Siren Time
Supastition – Head Above Water
Beni LayLo & Ethan Hill ft M.A.V. – Okie Dokie
Taiyamo Denku & BooFaatBeatz – Assassinate Ya Fame
Wildelux ft Sadat X cx A.G. X DJ M-1 – Reign Supreme
TempoMental – Missin Ya
Muja Messiah – Cairo Maniac
Sleep Sinatra & The Architect – Infinte Ammo
Sensational & the Dirty Sample – The Best (Success)
Sensational & the Dirty Sample ft Guy Albino & Flybot Van Damn – The Best (Success)
Sensational & the Dirty Sample – The Game

Thank you for listening!

Original Air Date – March 16, 2023

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