See the Trilliums While You Can

White Trillum Field

I love trail running this time of year and getting to see trilliums starting to bloom.

Warbler Woods Trilliums

Warbler Woods in London, Ontario is one of the best places to see Ontario’s Provincial Flower every spring.

Trailside Trilliums

The flowers line the trailside and it is absolutely beautiful.


The trillium needs a lot of sunlight to survive. Unfortunately, wooded trails are not the best place for them to remain in bloom all summer. That is why you will only find them in bloom for a few weeks now.

Purple Trillium

If you look closely, you might find some purple or green and white ones.

White & Green Trillium

But you will have to get out soon to enjoy them.  They are only in bloom a few weeks unless they grow in a perfect spot. They need lots of sunlight but not too much heat. The flowers may die back, but they always return in the spring.

Please don’t pick trilliums as it can damage the plant and it won’t return in the spring. Just take some pictures and enjoy them while you can!