Script Frenzy Week 2

I’ve been taking part in Script Frenzy this month. The challenge is to write a 100 page screenplay in the 30 days we have in April.

My first week was pretty successful. I hit the ground running and wrote 31 pages in all. I liked the story idea, the main characters, and had a rough idea of where they were going to go.

Here are the messages I posted on Twitter about the second week of this challenge.

I’m not gonna get much writing done this weekend. But there are a lot of days left in April. I’ll get the 100 pgs done for#scriptfrenzy
#scriptfrenzy slow period. Too busy with music this weekend to write anything. Current page count 35, 65 pages to go. I’ll get it done though.
Super-long, crazy day. I didn’t get the chance to write anything for #scriptfrenzy but I had the sleepless notion last night to change the love interest character’s name from Angie to Autumn. It fits so much better.

I’m tired. It’s been a long day. I probably should write my script but I worked all day, did homework tonight and am wiped. Maybe tomorrow.
#scriptfrenzy page count for today – 0. That’s right zero. This 2nd week of the frenzy hasn’t been good for me. I’ve been too busy to write.
#scriptfrenzy Week 2 pg count-0. Too busy with work, homework, & doing radio interviews. Next weekend I plan to write like crazy to catch up

As you can see, Week 2 was almost a complete bust. I only had the chance to write 4 pages. I did come up with the great idea of changing a name of one of the characters though. I haven’t got to the pay-off of that name yet in my story but it will be significant.

Life has been really busy lately. I’ve been taking an online class to upgrade my teaching credentials. I have been producing a lot of segments for the radio. Work has been busy too. On top of all that, I have had a few personal things that have required my attention. All of this has tapped the time I thought I’d have the time to write this month.

I managed to find the time to write last night and I am hoping that this coming weekend will allow me to catch up as well. I will finish this challenge and on time. That’s my goal and I’m going to do my best to reach it.

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