Script Frenzy

I’m in.

I’ve always wanted to try the novel writing month that happens every year in November but as a teacher, it is such a busy month for me that I simply cannot. Instead of writing a novel, I’m writing report cards.

April is a much better month for writing. So when I heard about Script Frenzy I was immediately intrigued. I think I can write 100 pages in 30 days. So today I signed up for the challenge.

Now all I need is a good story idea.

I’ve think I might tell a love story that starts and ends at a blood donor clinic. It would be a sad story where the guy metaphorically gets sucked dry by the girl. It could work. The theme would be about how much of ourselves we give to those around us. Giving too much can be counterproductive and this poor guy is going to learn that the hard way.

Well, wish me luck and if you have any good ideas, feel free to share them.

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