School’s Not Important

At least that is the message that your kids get if you…

– pull them out of school regularly.
– can’t get them to school on time
– never check to see if your child has homework
– don’t come to parent-teacher interviews
– haven’t been in the school at least once yet this school year

I went to the dentist for a regular cleaning today after school. The hygienist and I discussed this issue. She told me that she made sure her children got to school every day. She said, “It’s their work” and I couldn’t agree more.

Children need to learn the responsibility and importance of commitment. We need to model this by making sure that they get to school every day on time. We need to make sure they put in a solid effort by communicating with and supporting their teachers.

Like the hygienist said, “School is a child’s work.” Work is not just something we do to get paid. We don’t just punch a clock, punch out, and get paid. We need to work hard to achieve our dreams. This all begins with good habits.

Most of my good daily habits started in childhood. My parents supported my teachers and were instrumental in my learning. They made sure I was at school every day and that dentist appointments were done after school. I only missed class if I was ill. And if I stayed home from school, there was no going out at night. If I was too sick for school, I was too sick for Scouts or any other fun thing I wanted to do after school hours.

I think children need to be taught personal responsibility. Parents need to put a value on education and stop sending the message that school is not important. It’s important to me. I want to see your kids succeed in life, but I need your support. Thanks!