Say No to Gift Cards

Gift cards seem to be all the rage these days. Retailers seem to have convinced us that they are the way to go.

They make a lot of sense. If you don’t know what to buy for someone, get them a gift card. It’s quick and easy and it shows that you put some thought into the gift (although not a lot)

Here’s why you shouldn’t buy gift cards.

You are giving money to a store or franchise for absolutely no reason

Wouldn’t it make more sense to just give cash to the person instead? Why should you give it to a store for the promise of a future purchase? Do you know that a lot of people forget about their gift cards after a while? There are a huge number of gift cards that never get redeemed. The stores know this. They are making lots of money off of us for nothing.

Some gift cards have hidden fees

The credit card companies have gotten into this game now. Since financial institutions are not stores they can charge all sorts of extra fees. Beware of these fees because you are not only wasting your money but the money you wanted to give to someone special.

You are being controlling

If you want to buy someone a gift that you know they would enjoy, do so. If you absolutely can’t think of a suitable gift, give them cash instead. It doesn’t limit them in what they can do with the money you have given them, and I’m sure it will be more appreciated than a silly piece of plastic.

Gift cards are not a good idea

It’s time we woke up and stopped buying these things. The only winners in the sale of gift cards are the stores we purchase them from. We are basically advertising for the store, among many other things we probably haven’t even thought about.
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