Saved Again

How many times have we be saved from complete annihilation and never even realized it?

I didn’t believe for even a second that there would be an apocalypse today. Just because one calendar came to an end, didn’t mean that the world would.

But perhaps we came close. Maybe The Doctor saved us once again.

Or perhaps it was Santa . . . 

Okay, that’s funny, but it’s a little disturbing. I think the world needs The Doctor and it needs Santa Claus.

In fact, I bet that Santa did try to save us but The Doctor swooped in and saved the day for all of us.

But strange things did happen today nonetheless. They trickled down to us common folk.

For me, it started when I got to work and realized that my wallet was not in my pocket. I retraced my steps and started to get really worried. It was snowing and I pictured it at home in the parking lot of my building right beside where my car had been parked.

It was hard to teach my classes this morning as I worried about my lost wallet.

It was all I could think about.

  • Was it lost? 
  • Had somebody found it? 
  • Were they racking up my credit cards? 
  • I wouldn’t be able to survive through my Christmas break without it
All these thoughts and more ran through my head. I asked the Vice Principal to cover one class for me so I would have time to run home and see if I could find it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had enough time to run home at lunch.

When I did get home, I found my wallet on my dresser. I don’t know how, but I had completely forgotten to put it in my pocket this morning. That has never happened before. Seriously. Never!

A couple other things happened today that made me think there was some negative energy surrounding the last day of the Mayan calendar.

I’m just glad that we all got through it in one piece.

How was your day? 

2 responses to “Saved Again”

  1. Hi Chase .. Christmas chaos – just glad you found the wallet and no damage to your bank account was done!

    Wet and flooded on the 20th, dry yesterday, wet and no doubt flooded today – we're many islands now!! Can't believe what the place looks like … I'm alright here ..

    Happy Christmas and New Year .. cheers Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    It is such a relief, I tell ya.

    We have snow on the ground still today. Hopefully it will stick around and we'll have a White Christmas over here.

    Merry Christmas to you!

    Hope it's a great one!