Save My Favourite Show

CBS has decided not to renew Jericho. It’s a shame because it is the best thing I have seen on television in years. I know that it is extremely difficult to change the network’s mind once it has made a decision. I know this. But I also know that this is a show worth fighting for.

Please go to and sign the petition. I just signed it and was the 28,418th person to do so. Those are pretty good numbers considering that there are probably twice that many fans, at least. People who normally wouldn’t go online and find a site like this should be factored in too.

So I am appealing to the brass at CBS. Please renew Jericho. If you give this show one more season, which I think it needs to effectively tell the story that has been so wonderfully written so far, it will probably go down as one of the best shows ever. I will definitely have to refine my top 5 T.V. shows if the story gets to be completely told with one more season.

Save Jericho on CBS!

5 responses to “Save My Favourite Show”

  1. I couldn’t agree more… I’m on my way to sign the petition right now. I guess we’re really in the American Idol generation now…


  2. I can’t even begin to understand the logic behind this decision. Jericho is an awesome show. I guess we really are in the American Idol Generation.

    Petition signed. Well over 50,000 now.


  3. Thanks, hopefully we can get the show renewed. Since I found the petition it has doubled in signatures. I think that is a great sign.

  4. How does this comment business work? I accidentally repeated myself because it didn’t show up right away…

    I’m a real genius, eh?

    On the Jericho side of things, yeah, it’s a great sign. If CBS could at least sell it to another network, I’d be happy.

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