Sareem Poems Live on WIB Rap Radio

Sareem Poems has been putting it down for 20 years. From his group, LA Symphony, to his work with various producers, to his solo tracks, he has been putting in work for a long time now.

It was a honour being able to chat with him this week live on the radio. We have world premiere joints from his forthcoming album “Mind Over Matter” produced entirely by Ess Be. And we have a great discussion about hip-hop, youth outreach work, and much more.

Press play, download it and take it with you, and bump this loud. Enjoy!

Skeptika ft SPNDA, Reks, and Relentless – The Hour of Death
Chris Orrick ft Bruce Wain – Stories
Sleep ft Ceschi and Onry Ozzborn – Substances
Chuckie Campbell – The Streets
Primal Winds ft Fortunato – Mexican Stand Off
Apollo Brown and Locksmith – Litmus
Muneshine – Lower Level
Cquel – Slow Down
Sareem Poems & Terem – Walk and Talk
LA Symphony – Timeless
Sareem Poems & Ess Be – Eyedentity
Sareem Poems & Ess Be ft Sean C. Johnson – Way Up There
Sareem Poems & Terem ft Chris Orrick (Red Pill) – Breathe
Special Ed – Ready to Attack
Classified ft Anjule – Changes
Drake – Duppy Freestyle
Wiser ft Diztrikt Apollo – Writer’s Block
Big Sproxx & Adam Bomb – Lemme Tell ‘Em
The Quarter Inch Kings ft Five Steez – Get Props
Touch – The Jade Emperor
Wu-Tang Clan – Frozen
Wordsworth & J Soul – Satellite
Traffimatics – Freestyle (live)
Constant Deviants – Candle

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