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Saga Vol 1-8 TPB

Saga: Volume 1 – 8 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

It’s hard to explain exactly what this comic book series is all about. If I try to summarize it, some of the magic will no doubt be lost. Suffice it to say, this series pushes the medium of comic storytelling into new realms. I have never read anything like this before.

The story is told by a young girl and we get to see her grow up through hardship and strife. She is the product of a loving family that no one wants to recognize for her mother and father are from two different races, both of which have a long-seeded history of hate and distrust. The war between the two is raging on and the family must hide who they are to survive.

At times, the story is heartbreaking. But it is so well-told that you will race through the series. We occasionally hear the young girl narrating the story from an unknown point in the future. This knowledge is haunting because we know a little about what happens and have to live with that as we slowly uncover more of her story.

Brian K. Vaughan is an incredible writer and his work always is full of meaning and depth. In this series he tackles all sorts of topics including racism, transgender rights and struggles, politics, and more. It is definitely mature content and a few scenes are disturbing. But it makes you think and you will easily get sucked into the story and care for the bizarre cast of characters.

Fiona Staples art perfectly helps bring everything together. They truly are one of the best teams working in comics today.

Saga is a great series and I can’t wait to read more of it.

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