A Sad Picture Story (Update of my Life – Part 2)

Me and you fit together perfectly.

I treasured every moment we spent together. What we had was special and true.

Unfortunately, things got mixed up somehow.

I kept up hope that we would find each other again someday and be the perfect fit I always knew we would be.

But this latest news has broken my heart.

You and he simply do not fit. You are completely different systems that will never connect.


Little Bird, I can’t believe that you won’t be flying back to me.

I’m sad and lonely. I doubt I’ll ever find a brick as bright and beautiful as you. I don’t want to either. I’ll miss you terribly. And I’ll love you forever.

THE END (I told you it was sad, even more so than Part 1)

2 responses to “A Sad Picture Story (Update of my Life – Part 2)”

  1. Big virtual hug for you.
    I know it doesn't really make sense to tell you that things will change as your saddness is too great now and it needs respect, but hopefully something good will happen soon.