Running Through the Cemetery

The other day, I decided to run through a cemetery. I’ve run past it several times but I have never stepped foot in it. It’s not that cemeteries creep me out either. I just didn’t think it would be right. But for some reason, last week I decided that it would be okay if I explored this uncharted territory.

It was an early afternoon last Saturday. The streets seemed quiet and empty. It was cool and people seemed to be elsewhere. So I thought it would be okay.

I ran through the majestic looking gates and immediately felt like I was in a different world. This cemetery had an old world feel to it. There were some very tall and old looking monuments. I should’ve stopped to check the dates on the stones but I kept running.

I stayed on the road that winded through the place. It felt more like a walking path though. It was quiet and peaceful and it felt okay to be running there. I think I spoke aloud to the resting souls there. I thought that they might actually like the company.

It only took me about five minutes to run through this small neighbourhood cemetery. I then ran toward the small trail I usually run and wrapped up a nice six kilometre route.

After my run, I had second thoughts about what I had done. It seemed innocent enough to me. But then I thought what if someone was visiting a loved one and saw me run by. Would they have seen it as disrespectful? I then imagined that someone might think it was nice that I was sharing the space with their loved one.

What do you think? Is it disrespectful to run through a cemetery? Should I try it again or give it up?