Running During the Corona Virus Lockdown

I love trail running and I didn’t think I’d be able to do it during the Corona virus restrictions that have been in place for a long time now.

Fortunately, there are many trails that are still open in my area.

There are signs posted to help people continue the social distancing that we all need to do to keep us safe.

The beaches are closed, unfortunately.

You cant even park there if you wanted to.

I ran on the shore last week when it was still cool though.

I noticed a by-law officer constantly circling the park as I did. I was afraid that I might get a ticket for accessing the closed beach.

So I’ve decided that I will just stick to the nature trails now as long as the restrictions are in place.

And of course, this bridge breaks under my feet. That’s something that has only happened to me once before. The good thing is that I didn’t get hurt . . .

and I got to see Ontario’s Provincial Flower, the trillium, in full bloom. That’s something I look forward to every year. If you want to see them, hit the trails soon; they don’t last long in the wild.