Running The Devil’s Creek Trail

Devil’s Creek is a short trail in Cambridge, Ontario.

The trail head starts right beside St. Augustine’s Catholic School.

and runs for 1.6 kilometers.

I took the boardwalk to the right and followed the trail all the way to the end. I then turned around and went the other way at this fork. That trail only lead me to a suburb so I turned around and headed back to the street.

On the other side of the street a paved trail lead me to this park.

“In 1971, this park was named after the wife of Gordon Stanley Rouse who was Mayor of Galt.”

By this point, I had been running for close to 20 minutes and covered approximately 5 kilometers.

This small waterfall was really nice to see.

This is the Grand River and the waterfront trail is absolutely gorgeous. I turned left and took the trail all the way to another trail head.

I wasn’t sure where I was heading but for some reason I didn’t want to turn around yet.

And then I found myself at the Walter Bean trailhead. I’ve ran this portion of the trail before. If you wanted a really long trail way or run, you can combine these two routes.

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