Run-DMC autograph

This is my most prized autograph. It is from all three members of Run-DMC.

Reverend Run, Daryl “D.M.C.” McDaniels and the late, great Jam Master Jay.

You can see that they autographed the door poster for me. I have it framed with my original ticket in the bottom right hand corner.

I wasn’t able to fit the entire poster into a scan so I just scanned a bit of it to share with you.

The concert was awesome. I think Run-DMC are the best group ever. I am just glad that I got to see them perform live and that I was actually able to get their autographs. It’s hard to believe that this was 15 years ago. It’s crazy how time flies.

4 responses to “Run-DMC autograph”

  1. they were probably the best group of their time. too bad rap, some of it, has taken a turn for the worse. i enjoy will smith because he keeps it fun and clean. kanye is talented, but not clean. jay-z is brilliant, but not always clean.

  2. Hi Natural,

    Before Run-DMC, rap music was pretty much confined to New York. Their success helped start this rap music industry. I agree that it has gone in some directions that I would rather not see but there are still some groups that have kept in clean and fun and still manage to have some success. Will Smith being one of them.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Wow im so jealous , RUN DMC was da bomb. must admit i was a lil skeptical about the motly crew mix up originally but i even like that song too now. What Happened to Jam Master Jay was a tragedy.

    I was fortunate enough to see them live in Australia on the Its like that tour… Went with a cousin and friend , as we were leavin they were signing autographs but the line was to big and my cuz wanted to go , when out i the parking lot said i needed to use the toilet, and lol have Jam Master Jay And Runs on my converse promo t shirt of the tour.. been sealed in like three bags till im settled enough to get it framed.


  4. Hi Vinnie,

    I was so angry with the person who took JMJ's life. It was such a tragedy because Run-DMC were going to have a 20th anniversary tour which would have been amazing.

    I wish I had an old school red striped logo T-shirt. I've always wanted one of those but they didn't have any for sale back in 1994 when I saw them.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.