Ripped off – But Safe

The kids in my class were looking forward to the last day of school and our Christmas party. They’d been asking about it all week.

I prepared some games for us to play together this morning. Several students told me that they were bringing in treats to share.

The kids were a bit crazy and hyper all week, which always happens just before Christmas holidays, but we got through the week just fine. The pay off would be today’s Christmas party.

Unfortunately, it is not going to happen.

School is cancelled due to the huge winter storm that is currently hitting most of Southern Ontario. The weather and traffic reports are advising us to stay in if possible.

So right now, my students should be nice and safe in their homes. I’m not planning on going anywhere. It really is best to keep the car parked in the driveway today. Better safe than sorry.

I don’t know if my students mind starting their holidays early. But I feel a bit ripped off. We didn’t have a proper send off and we lose out on our Christmas party and the fun day that I had planned.

Oh well, it’s better to have the roads clear today so that no one gets hurt. We still have two more systems moving in so the weather is only going to get worse.

Be safe out there and have a great Christmas holiday!

2 responses to “Ripped off – But Safe”

  1. Oh Chase,I’m sorry. It sucks to make big plans and have them trash-canned at the last second.

    I wonder if in some ways, we were better off in the old days, before we became dependent upon automobiles. If it snowed, folks just unhitched the buggy and hitched up the sleigh instead.

  2. Hi ECD,

    Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to the “neighbourhood” school?

    Small schools could serve each and every community. Teachers and students could then live within walking distance. This would certainly solve a lot of problems. Although I’m sure it would create new ones too.

    Anyway, it was just a thought.