Rick and Neegan (More Alike Than Different?)

The Walking Dead Volume 29 - 30

I still enjoy The Walking Dead comic series. It’s always nice to see the graphic novels showing up at the library. Here are the latest two volumes I read and my thoughts on them. There are minor spoiler alerts ahead.

The Walking Dead Vol 29 – Lines We Cross

I will recap some elements of this story without trying to give the entire thing away. Here goes.

Eugene’s radio friend invites them to their settlement in Ohio, so a small group goes to check out the place. On their way, they pass through an abandoned city. It is eerily quiet and empty, until a young woman appears. She claims that she hasn’t seen any real people in a year. She talks her way into joining the group on their little pilgrimage.

Meanwhile, Neegan has been visiting the grave site of Lucille. He knows that it is stupid to mourn for a baseball bat, but he can’t seem to help himself. Later, he comes across an abandoned baseball bat, finds some wire and recreates his prized weapon. Just as he finishes it, Maggie catches up with him. She’s been wanting to kill him for a really long time. Revenge would be perfect with the newly minted bat right there. What happened next was truly surprising.

Rick is heartbroken over the loss of Andrea and has been sleeping at her grave site. He questions whether he is any different than his adversary.The way their stories have been paralleled in the last few issues, it is easy to see why he might think that. Both Rick and Neegan are starting to take on traits of the other. It’s really interesting to see the growth and development, especially the latter.

The Walking Dead Vol 30 – New World Order

They scouting party makes it to the settlement in Ohio and are greeted by armored soldiers. Eugene’s radio friend is conspicuously absent and things seem tense. The leader of this group considers them to be a threat. Michonne seems to win him over and they escort them towards their city.

On the trip, they pass a large stadium and at first, it seems like that might have been their settlement. Instead, they are told that they hold concerts and football games there, which excites some of their party.

Michonne finds something in the city that makes her think she should stay in the Commonwealth. Eugene finally connects with his radio friend and it seems that she wasn’t supposed to be talking to him. Things seem a little off, but it feels like society is being rebuilt here. It could be a good thing. Maybe.

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