Renovation Complete

Welcome to the newly renovated website of Chase March.

I spent quite a lot of time trying to get the site looking the way I wanted. There was no question about staying with WordPress because it truly is the best blogging platform that I have ever used.

The only problem was finding a theme that I could customize to my exact specifications. I tried out 50 different themes and found one I really liked. I had a hard time getting everything working properly with it though. There were pages and posts that didn’t look uniform. There were spacing issues with the text running all the way to the edges of mobile devices. Not only did that make it hard to read, it was also an eyesore.

Finally, I found Simple Writer and I was able to solve all those issues. I tweaked all the settings and had the page looking great. But I wanted some more options with the colour pallet so I upgraded to the Pro version. It was well worth the extra expense. It even gave me social media buttons on the menu bar. I really love those.

I was able to make a footer menu that makes it easy to search all the niche topics I blog about. This allows you to enjoy the site without having to fish through content that doesn’t interest you. Only want to see book reviews? Easy, click on the reading link at the bottom of the page. I blog about a lot of things so there are a dozen other options available for you to refine the content.

I’m happy with the new digs. What do you think? Is there anything you’d like to see that I haven’t included? If so, please contact me by clicking on any of the options on the menu bar or footer.