Remembering Ziggid of Zoetic Minds (Rest in Peace)

Ziggid of Zoetic Minds passed away last week. He produced every single beat for every song the group ever released. He also did the music videos, rapped, and provided the cuts for their songs. He was an immensely talented artist and will be truly missed.

I had to dedicate the show to his memory this week. It starts with half an hour of new music and then moves on to a tribute set featuring music from all three albums and their most recent EP. After that, you can hear an encore presentation of the interview I did with the group back in 2015.

Rest in Peace, Ziggid!

1) New Music Mix

Primal Winds – Back in Time
Taiyamo Denku ft Choclair – Keep Moving On
TempoMental ft Kyle Kanevil – Up in the Morning
The Good People X MiLKCRATE – Off the Block
Jay Ross & Teekay – Hold Tight
Dragon Fli Empire ft J-Live – Record Store
Wordburglar – Spectral Mic
Sareem Poems & Newselph – I Don’t Know

2) Zoetic Minds Tribute Mix

Play This At My Funeral (instrumental)
Make Loot (Funkatron ft Zoetic Minds)
90s Bulls
Petty Sh*t
You Don’t Want Me Around
Last Words

3) Zoetic Minds Interview from 2015

A Good Man
A Hero’s Journey
Like This Son

Original air date – Tuesday January 23, 2020

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