Remember The Gummi Bears?

The Gummi Bears is an animated television program that I used to watch when I was a kid. I believe that it started back in the mid 1980s.

I used to love this show.

I remember that of all the cartoons I used to watch, this was one that my dad would actually go out of his way to watch with me. I know he didn’t really care to watch any of my other programs but this one we enjoyed together.

Last week I found out that this series had been released on DVD. The public library had the box set containing all of the episodes from the first three seasons. Of course, I had to borrow it. I wanted to see if the show still held up after all these years. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it still does.

The story is really well done. The characters are likable and I found that I really got back into the series.

My class had been really well-behaved for the past few weeks so I rewarded them by showing a few episodes of the show on Friday. My students loved it.

I wish this show was still on the air. But you can find it on DVD and I also found it on YouTube.

Here is the premiere episode, in three parts.


2 responses to “Remember The Gummi Bears?”

  1. Hi Chase – I've never seen them .. so I'll be back at some stage when I need a commercial break to watch the episodes .. I started and certainly they seem like a goodly set, with plenty of knightly and dragonly adventure in the forests and castles of Disneyland ..

    Go well and have a good long weekend – if you celebrate May Day & get a school break .. Hilary