Recommended Reads – Fables

Here is the latest addition to my Recommended Reads list. Tomorrow I will be launching a Table of Contents page so you can cruise through all of the titles quickly.

This one is another graphic novel and it is full of characters that everyone knows and not of one them is a superhero.

The characters are “Fables” and each one of them is straight out of the fairy tales stories we all know and love.

The twist here is that these characters live among us in the modern world.

The characters have been living among us for decades but much like the world of Harry Potter, the “Mundys” are unaware of the existence of Fabletown.

Fabletown was set up as a refuge after the Fables were forced out of their magical homeland by the Adversary. In this fourth edition of the series, the battle comes to a head as the Adversary’s forces storm Fabletown.

I like how the Big Bad Wolf is able to take human form now and he acts as Sheriff. He’s been completely reformed and now goes by the name of Bigby Wolf.

Snow White is the deputy mayor and seems to run the town. Bigby still carries a torch for her though.

It’s interesting to see Prince Charming, Pinocchio, King Cole, Jack Horner, Boy Blue, The Three Bears, and many many more familiar characters in a completely different setting than what we are used to.

The characters aren’t one-dimensional like they often were portrayed in the old fairy tales. The writing brings them all to life.

Here are the books that I have enjoyed thus far,

Volume 1: Legends in Exile

Volume 2: Animal Farm

Volume 3: Storybook Love

Volume 4: March of the Wooden Soldiers
written by Bill Willingsham
art by Mark Buckingham, Craig Hamilton, P. Craig Russell, Steve Leialoha, Daniel Vozzo, Lovern Kindzierski, James Jean, and Todd Klein.

It’s a really well done series and well worth checking out. That is what Recommended Reads is all about.