Recognizing Talent

On the weekend, I saw a television show called Songwriter’s Circle. It featured Chantal Kreviazuk and a few other musicians. It was an interesting to show to watch because every song that she sang I recognized. I haven’t really paid any attention to this artist. I couldn’t tell you the name of any of her songs or her albums but I know who she is, and I know her songs. She has been all over the radio for the past several years and has quite a few hits.

She sat at her keyboard in the songwriter’s circle and every time she played I was totally captivated. She has a beautiful voice and her songs have nice melodies and themes to them. I wonder why I haven’t paid any attention to her before. Did I not recognize her talent? I knew who she was. I could even sing along to some of her songs when they came on the radio.

This got me thinking about how we recognize talent. How do we find songs and artists that we come to love? I used to discover artists in only one of three ways; I saw a music video, or a friend introduced me to a CD or tape, or I heard something on a radio show.
This year I have discovered a few artists that I am really enjoying in several different ways.

First, I saw a songwriter’s circle at the East Coast Music Awards this year and I was really impressed with a song I heard called “When it comes my turn.” I then did some research and found out about David Myles and his CD Things Have Changed. I ordered the CD and it is excellent.

Secondly, I discovered another artist this year by searching Ebay’s 1 cent CD listings. I noticed a CD that was reviewed in a rap magazine. I thought, hmm, it’s only a penny and I bid on it and won. I had never heard anything from this group before. It was like a blind date that would show up in the mail. When it got here, I was pleasantly surprised upon listening to it. It was great. The group is called Sol.illaquists of Sound and the album is entitled as if we existed.

Lastly, I discovered a few new groups from listening to Internet radio. I was fortunate enough to come across Live a few years ago. They have several different music stations and my favourite is one called The This station is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend that you check it out. They play underground hip hop, music that is hard to find on the radio or television these days. If Nas knew this station existed, he wouldn’t be saying that hip hop is dead. I have found artists that I love on this station and have ordered their CDs. Here is the list; The Procussions, move.meant, and Murs. These are three amazing artists that I might not have otherwise heard.

So I discovered some new artists in new ways this year and I have supported them. Like I said yesterday, I still buy CDs and my collection is growing. I think we need to support artists that we love. The only problem is that I can’t possibly buy everything that I like. My tastes are varied and forever expanding and I need to really watch my spending more now. I would love to go buy Chantal Kreviazuk’s catalogue upon hearing her last night, but I am sorry to say that I, more than likely, will not be buying her stuff anytime soon. Sorry Chantal, I can hear you on the radio and I love your music but I need to pinch my pennies. That’s just how it is.