Quotes Come Alive with Zen Pencils

February 5, 2019

Zen Pencils – Cartoon Quotes From Inspirational Folks by Gavin Aung Than There are a lot of quotation books on the market, but none are quite like this. The creator of this book takes some of the most inspirational quotes and turns them into [Keep Reading]

Hip-Hop Matters – Yes, It Does!

January 18, 2019

Hip Hop Matters – Politics, Pop Culture, and the Struggle for the Soul of a Movement by S. Craig Watkins Here are some of the things I learned while reading this book. The Story Behind the Message We all know “The Message” by [Keep Reading]

Children’s Materials (8-12 yrs) Reads

January 17, 2019

Last semester, I took a class for my Master’s of Library and Information Science program that focused on children’s material. The required reading list was quite long. Basically, I was expected to read two books a week over the course of [Keep Reading]

Little Clues Reveal a Lot

January 16, 2019

The Tell: The Little Clues That Reveal Big Truths about Who We Are by Matthew Hertenstein Little clues can reveal a lot. Here are some of the things I learned while reading this book. Hertenstein wrote about a study that observed the way couple [Keep Reading]

Doctor Who Comics Continue the Adventure

January 10, 2019

Doctor Who – Time Trials / The Terror Beneath I found this at the library and thought it would be great to read, especially because it was labelled “Volume 1” on the spine. Unfortunately, this is not the first chapter of the [Keep Reading]

Ideas Float, Grab Them While You Can

January 8, 2019

Denise Jaden has a theory.  She believes that “ideas float in the atmosphere, and they are fair game for anyone to grab and make use of.” This is sometimes referred to as the collective unconscious. It seems to be something that we can [Keep Reading]

Doctor Strange and a Librarian

January 3, 2019

Doctor Strange, Vol. 1: The Way of the Weird This is the first book in the 2015 series of trade paperbacks. It’s a pretty good jumping in point for anyone unfamiliar with the character. Although I would suggest watching the 2016 live action [Keep Reading]

Another Superman Origin Story

December 30, 2018

Superman – Earth One: Volume One I know, we don’t really need another retelling on Superman’s origin story. But the Earth One line from DC shakes things up. It feels like superheroes could really be a reality in our every day lives [Keep Reading]

An Unlikely Walking Dead Team-Up

December 29, 2018

Walking Dead: Volume 28 – A Certain Doom I quit The Walked Dead a few years ago. I got tired of the constant misery portrayed on the televisions series. I was especially aggrieved at the on-screen violence when it came to the murder of Glen. [Keep Reading]

The Green Lantern Team

December 28, 2018

Green Lantern Corps – Edge of Oblivion The Green Lantern Corps find themselves alone in a dying universe. They need to find a way out of it and back to their own universe before its too late. However, the universe isn’t as empty as it [Keep Reading]
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