Rapper Pens Great Fiction (Supermarket)

Supermarket Book Review

Supermarket by Bobby Hall

I enjoy listening to audiobooks. I borrowed this one on the Libby App from the public library without really looking closely at it. It was recommended to me by a page I work with.

The story captured me from the start and I whipped through the audio book quicker than  usual. I was surprised when I came to the end and heard the afterword by the author. He talked about his rap career and how it helped him to write and record this book. Up until that point, I had no idea that Bobby Hall was the rapper known as Logic.

Some emcees are great are storytelling in their songs. I don’t know too many who have taken that ability to the medium of print. Kudos to him for not only trying it but for succeeding.

The story revolves around Flynn, a lost young man who never graduated high school and seems to have trouble finishing anything. He is a writer without any finished work. He hasn’t even been writing query letters. Yet, somehow, he receives a book offer. In order to complete his manuscript, he gets a job at the local supermarket and mines the position for story ideas. He bases his main character after one of his co-workers there.

He’s not the most reliable narrator either. He starts his story at the end, jumps back to the start, and bounces around a bit. There are some strange twists and turns in this one too. It gets downright weird.

I love when an author records the audio book version of their work. It was only logical for Hall to do it here. And he absolutely shines.

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