Rap is Music

I wrote a post two years ago to try and battle the mind frame that Rap Music Isn’t Music

Since then, I have continued to get comments on that post where the vast majority of people cannot seem to concede that rap is indeed music.

The argument seems to go that it takes no talent to write a rap song. However, I don’t believe the amount of effort it takes to create art has any bearing on whether or not something can be labeled as art.

Sting is a brilliant musician who has built a long career with many classic songs now under his belt. I recently saw a documentary where he stated that some of his most beloved songs just came to him and that the songs basically wrote themselves

Stephen King says the same thing. Once a story gets rolling, the characters seem to take over and finish the story.

I don’t think anyone would argue that King or Sting are not great at what they do. They are both artists.

Another argument seems to go on the perceived notion that all rap is base and just deals with the lowest common denominator. To that end, here are some songs that might enlighten some of you that rap has a lot more to offer.

De La Soul “Trying People” – these guys are pioneers in the game and really speak about relevant topics.


Brother Ali “Us” – this song is amazingly beautiful and inspiring.

Check out the post I did for it here

Masta Ace “Beautiful” – talks about the beauty that is all around us every day.


Sweatshop Union “Us” – deals with how we all have the power to change the world around us. It is an anti-war song.


Murs “I’m Innocent” – great lyrics about we can make a difference in the world.


Great hip-hop music is out there. It isn’t normally found on the radio or video channels though. Check out the college radio stations and podcasts.