Rap City Host T-RexXx (Red Carpet Interview)

Chase: “Continuing with our coverage of the 2011 Stylus DJ Awards, we have the host of Rap City, T-RexXx.”

T-RexXx: “How ya doing?”

Chase: “Awesome. It’s so great to see Rap City back on the air.”

T-RexXx: “Thank you. I’m definitely excited. As much as you are.”

Chase: “Yeah, for sure. They’ve been playing something called ‘Rap City’ but they’ve just been showing rap videos. It never went away, but all of us knew it went away until you brought it back.”

T-RexXx: “You know what’s so funny? You’re the only person who has ever interviewed me and actually knew that. Kudos to you. You just did a Nardwuar.”

Chase: “Very cool. Thanks, man. I pretty much discovered my favourite artists and especially the Canadian ones was by watching Rap City. I always looked for that little Videofact label. I’d be like, ‘Oh, that’s Canadian. Better go support!’

Of course now we have this huge industry. And it’s great to see that we have all of these Canadian rappers, DJs, and producers. And with award shows like this and TV shows such as yours, we can celebrate our own now.

Whereas, before, I seriously could buy every single Canadian hip-hop release. I can’t do that any more. There is just so much good stuff coming out. I can’t afford to buy all those records.”

T-RexXx: “That’s true.”

Chase: “Well, thanks for popping through. It’s nice to be able to meet you and we’re gonna keep watching Rap City for sure.”

T-RexXx: “Appreciate it!”