Rabbits Ears and Wireless Internet

I get three channels on my TV that come in quite well. For the most part, that is enough for me. But I really wanted to watch the season premiere of Heroes on Monday. The problem was that it was on a channel that doesn’t really come in.

So I moved my rabbit ears every which way until the station came in with a little bit of fuzz. But the show was watchable. It bothered me at first that the picture wasn’t perfectly clear but after a while I didn’t even notice anymore. I just enjoyed the program.

While I was watching the show, I had the laptop on and was wirelessly downloading some music.

I like to watch TV in the dark, so the only light in the room (other than the TV) was coming from the computer screen. There was about fifteen minutes left of the two-hour season premiere when my downloads were complete. So I shut off the computer thinking that I could enjoy the rest of the show better.

This is the weird thing. The television reception stayed the same for a few minutes but then it completely fizzled. I tried to get the reception back by playing with the rabbit ears, but it was no use.

I could hear the finale of the program but I couldn’t see it very well. At least I know what happened and got to watch most of the show.

I very rarely even try to watch anything on that channel because of the poor reception. But the fact that I could watch it while I was downloading makes me wonder if the rabbit ears and the wireless modem worked together somehow to enhance the television reception. I mean, weirder things have happened right? I guess I can try it again next week just to see if that’s what did it.

2 responses to “Rabbits Ears and Wireless Internet”

  1. Yo chase you have a great gift of writing, here’s my “philosophy” that i live by. Theres beauty in everything, and everything inspires everything. With that being said to love all we must first love ourselves to the fullest. The “weaknesses” everything. It might sound naive, but its the truth. we are all the same but all different. I used to be lost but now i am found. I never took any depressants or had a psychiatrist, but I feel like the country is in a sort of “depressed” state and i see it in my friends and family. We always gotta have that one thing. Hope. Cause once we lose that, our life becomes just another mindless zombie walking in the wind. Keep doing what your’e doing. It comes from within and we are all capable. There’s people who get it and people who don’t get it yet. I used to fight fire with fire but i realized that gets only so far. we gotta cool it down with ice. Don’t let the oppressors oppress
    -Rohit Kaul

  2. Hi Rohit,

    Thanks for the compliment. I agree that there is beauty in everything and everyone. And you are right, we are all connected. Thanks for the reminder.