Quotes & Questions

I am really enjoying going through this old coil notebook of my writings from the summer of 1995. It’s strange how this first version of Silent Cacophony is a lot like a blog. The titles of the posts this week are the actual titles above each entry I wrote in that coil notebook. Here is another entry from my book entitled “Quotes & Questions.”

“Leaves that have fallen from a tree do not attach themselves to a branch again.”
Devil’s Heart by Carmen Carter, pg 127

– How come there are forks in the road, but never spoons?
– How come you pitch a tent, but you don’t throw it to a back catcher?
– How high is up?
– How come you call a television a TV, but you don’t call a telephone a TP, TP that’s a tent. Speaking of tents, last night I dreamed I was a wigwam, then I dreamed I was a TP. I asked my doctor what this means. He said I was too tense (tents.)
– “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one. It is for that purpose that I give my skill to the world. A skill I am not yet fully aware of. But it is my belief that you can get everything you want out of life by giving others what they want. Good deeds are their own reward. Spoken from a true boy scout himself. I am he.
– The purpose of life is to be happy
to accomplish great things
to help other people at all times
to be wise in the use of your resources
and to always be kind and cheerful.

6 responses to “Quotes & Questions”

  1. Hi Barbara,

    First time I ever heard something like that was on Ally McBeal. The one character was always coming up with witty sayings that seemed to speak truths.

    I’m not sure I am a wealth of original sayings like those Fishisms. I think I borrowed or stole a few of these ones anyway.

    But I was awfully curious back them and was trying to explore all of my contradictory thoughts.

  2. “Good deeds are their own reward…” This is true! The giver gets as much from a good deed as the receiver.

  3. Hi Davina,

    Thanks for the kind words. I love playing with words. My uncle is much the same way. He often says that “we are punny people.”

    Hi ECD,

    I really am just a big kid. I hope I don’t lose that natural curiosity they always seem to have. I don’t think I will.

    Hi Molly,

    I wish more people thought like that. It really is amazing how helping someone out can do so much for you. I totallt agree!