Quick – What’s the last CD you bought?

Quick, answer this question,

What’s the last CD that you bought?

Were you able to answer in a few seconds?  If not, why not?

If you didn’t answer Shad, Pigeon Hole, or Drake, you need to go out and support dope hip-hop right now.

I think it’s important to support local talent. These Canadian hip-hop artists are really putting in work. I bought their CDs, here’s proof

There are some amazing hip-hop releases dropping this summer. I plan on picking up the Sweatshop Union releases soon. D-sisive is also dropping an album next month that will be a must own. I also bought Nikki Yanofsky’s album earlier this year because I listen to all sorts of different music.

Reflection Eternal has a lyric in one of their new songs that says, “you can like rap again.”

True, true! Hip-hop is not dead. 

Go out and support the artists. Don’t just download stuff for free.

Go to their concerts as well. It’s a great weekend for live shows. I’m going to see the Shad / D-sisive / NGA show tonight. I already interviewed Shad and the NGA interview I did last month will air this weekend on DOPEfm. Tonight I will be interviewing D-sisive. I’m really looking forward to that.

4 responses to “Quick – What’s the last CD you bought?”

  1. I bought Blueprint 3 and Relapse last. Drake's I'm grabbing this week and I'll get mine from Shad himself tonight. Wish I could cop Vaudeville already though

  2. Hi Chase .. can't remember .. but I do buy African music .. love the different nuances in music that continent produces ..

    Thanks – have a great weekend and happy listening! Hilary

  3. Hey Ngajuana,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You put on a great show last night opening up for Shad and D-sisive. Your interview is airing tonight as well.

    Hi Hilary,

    That's cool! This weekend is going to be awesome. I did a couple interviews last night and tonight and tomorrow I have more lined up. I'm really excited about that.

    I hope you have a great weekend as well.

  4. Hey NGA,

    Did you buy a copy of Vaudeville last night? I was surprised D-sisive was selling them already. But it does officially come out on Tuesday. I picked one up.