Quichotte, Key Shot, or Quixote

Quichotte by Salman Rushdie

What a strange, but interesting and compelling book.

The title character is on a quest to win the love of a celebrity that he has never met. He adopts the name of Don Quixote, shortens it, and pronounces it in a way that I had never heard before. It sounds like Key Shot and is obviously spelled differently as well.

One of the weird elements of this book is that his story is actually being written by a character as well. Even stranger still is that the character of Quichotte is able to manifest a character from his own will. And this character has to struggle with his sudden appearance in the world and what it means on a grander scale. It is clear that he is not merely an imaginary friend.

This was a great read, even if it got a little absurd at points. It was fun. It was interesting to see how the author dealt with the creation of fiction and its implications. Where does fiction come from? Is it tied to reality or completely separate?

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