Putting the Roof on My TARDIS

I’ve been building a TARDIS in my basement.

I started with a frame, added plastic sheeting for the walls, and then fashioned wooden trim to simulate the panelling effect of the time machine.

The next step is the roof.

I drilled a hole in the middle of a board. This is where the top lamp will be affixed.

I then notched either side of the panel so that it would sit on the top roof frame.

This roofing frame slides onto the top of the TARDIS and fits quite snugly.

I then added corrugated plastic to cover the entire roofing area.

I got this lamp from a dollar store and it sits perfectly in the hole that I drilled. I hollowed out the lamp though because it originally worked by pushing down on the top.

I wanted to be able to control the light from inside the TARDIS. I will be adding a flexible lamp so this top light will actually work.

I also plan to add another light on the inside so the translucent plastic windows will be able to glow.

The next step is painting and adding little details here and there.

It should end up looking something like this. My roof is a little bit shorter and I don’t have the footboard however.

I needed to be able to make the entire build small enough that I could store it in the basement when I am not using it outside. That extra top panel is not really needed. I’m sure the completed model will look amazing when it is painted and illuminated.

Stay tuned for one more update on my homemade TARDIS build.

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