Putting the Pieces Together

Hamilton Tiger Cats ended their season this weekend with a win over the Edmonton Eskimos. It was a much-needed win. It shows that the Tiger Cats still have fight in them. It shows that they have come together in a way that will hopefully carry into the next season.

The 3 and 15 record isn’t very encouraging. In fact, the team’s record hasn’t been very good for quite some time now. They have been trying to rebuild the team for years now to no end. This season didn’t look like it was going to be any better. For some reason, the management cleaned house last year and stacked the team with a bunch of untested players. It didn’t seem like a good move at the time, and the first half of the season confirmed this. However, they have seemed to come together in the last part of the season.

I think that the organization needs to realize that this team can work. They need to give the line up and chance and not just clean house again next year. I think that the players have come together. The fans have continued to rally behind the team. Next year can be a good season. The rebuilding should be finished by now. There may need to be a few changes here and there but nothing major.

Hamilton has made a lot of mistakes in the past ten years. Hopefully we have learned from these mistakes and will come out hungry and growling next year.

Oskie Wee Wee, Oskie Wa Wa, Tiger Cats, Eat ‘Em Raw!