Putting Graffiti In Its Place

This is a bridge in a Kitchener suburb. You cannot see the underside of this bridge from the road. You cannot see the graffiti art if you are simply walking by on the sidewalk.

The colourful logos and words are pretty much completely hidden from view.

That is why this is the perfect spot for graffiti artists to work their magic.

This isn’t intrusive graffiti. It isn’t rude or crude. It doesn’t disrespect anyone or anything.

This graffiti is perfectly placed so that it is unobtrusive. It isn’t an eyesore for anyone.

True, some people might like to walk down to the creek or river bed and not be bombarded with bright, unnatural colours.

But I think, graffiti art, when done well (and these pieces are done well), is actually quite nice

These pieces took time and effort. There are a variety of colours, line styles, and shading techniques used in each piece.

The artists were also respectful of each other. No one has taken more than their fair share of available wall space.

Unfortunately, there are a few tags and words of profanity to be seen on these walls. I can tell you that these were added well after the fact by people who were not artists and had no affiliation to any of these pieces. It’s a shame really.

Graffiti isn’t always bad. It gives kids a chance to be artistic. It can brighten up an area. And when done in places such as these, it really doesn’t hurt or inconvenience anyone.

Let’s open up more of our city spaces and suburb spots like this to talented artists and finally put graffiti in its place. A place where it can be viewed, shared, admired, and practised safely.

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