Published For Myself

I published a hard copy of my blog entries for the year 2007. It was a great year for me. I discovered blogging in March and have had such a great time here. I managed to post 200 entries and thought that it would be a great idea to collect all of these in a book. It was easy to do as I have kept a MS Word file of my entries all year. All I had to do was bring the file into a print shop and have them print it out and bind it for me.

This book looks amazing. It is nice to have a blog, but it is something else to own a hard copy of it. My old coil notebook of Silent Cacophony has gone a.w.o.l, but now I have a very nice binded copy of what I decided to call Volume 1.

I think I will have to make this an annual tradition. I can’t see myself stopping blogging. I really enjoy writing. I like the fact that I wrote 204 pages of material last year, and I didn’t even start writing until the end of March. If I can manage to keep up my regular posting schedule, I will have a thicker book next year. I can’t wait to have Volume 2 sitting on my bookshelf.

3 responses to “Published For Myself”

  1. Thanks for resending the link. That is an amazing story. I should look at selling some of my work on the Internet. That is a really cool idea.