Proud to Shred

Here is my new skateboard. It’s an Alien Workshop deck with matching wheels. The trucks are Hornet Reflex.

Skateboards have changed a bit since I bought my last board.

It’s hard to see what I mean until I put both boards beside each other.

As you can see my old wheels are a lot bigger. They are larger in diameter and in thickness. I was planning on buying large wheels once again but the biggest ones they had were 54 mm in diameter. 
The smaller wheels make doing tricks a little bit easier. The larger wheels are good for street skating as they can roll over small pebbles or cracks in the road more easily. 
I ended up buying these 53 mm wheels. These are the smallest wheels I have ever had on a board. I wasn’t sure I’d like them and I was really anxious to try them out. 
As soon as I bought the board, I ran outside and threw it under my feet. It felt great to be skating again. It’s been a long winter. The sidewalks and parking lots are starting to clear up so even though it is still a bit cold, it is a great time to start skateboard season.
I went to the local skateboard park yesterday but it was completely covered in snow. I had to settle for a street session in the parking lot. 
I must say, I really like this new board. The smaller wheels really flow and I find that I can get a lot of air with them. 
So why is it raining now? I want to get out there and shred. 
I got a great deal on this board too. My last board was a plain and boring deck. It didn’t have any design on the bottom of it at all. 
I like to use a permanent marker and add some detail to the grip tape of all my boards. For this one, I drew my logo so that I can easily tell which is the front and the back of the board. The back has a larger curve and a sharper angle to it. This allows for greater lift when doing some of the jumps and tricks. 
I’m so glad I got to show off my board. This summer I will inevitable bang it up and it won’t look as pretty as it does now. 

4 responses to “Proud to Shred”

  1. Hi Hilary,

    The young kid who sold me this was so excited that I was still into skateboarding. His enthusiasm was pretty cool but it did make me feel a bit old.

    Skating just seems so natural to me. I don't think it matters that I'm thirty-something.

    I brought my board in to my class yesterday and the kids got a real kick out of it too.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I just got the same exact board wheels and trucks the same color and everything. If you got rid of this maybe I have it now?